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Half-Day Afternoon

(5 customer reviews)


One-Time Registration: ₹999
2:00 Pm – 7:30 Pm

Best for school-going kids.

  1. Trained & Verified Staff
  2. No Processed Food
  3. Expert Curated Nutritious Meals
  4. Safe & Stimulating Environment

Live CCTV Access available for Parents @₹499/month

How to schedule a FREE trial?

  1. Purchase the “Book A 3 Day Trial” package for FREE
  2. Get a call from our team within 24 hrs
  3. Schedule your visit and start your 3 Day Trial as per your convenience
  4. Choose your desired package as per your requirements



5 reviews for Half-Day Afternoon

  1. Arohi Sinha

    1ToZee’s Half Day – Afternoon package has been a great choice for our family. It allows our child to have a relaxed morning and still engage in learning and fun activities in the afternoon.

  2. Rishita Tiwari

    The Half Day – Afternoon program at 1ToZee has given our child the opportunity to explore their creative side and make friends in a structured environment.

  3. Sunetra Basak

    The afternoon package is a convenient option for us as working parents. The dedicated staff and engaging curriculum ensure our child’s development.

  4. Robina Roy

    We’re thrilled with the progress our child has made through the Half Day – Afternoon package. The emphasis on character development and social skills is truly commendable.

  5. Sakshi Sharma

    1ToZee’s Half Day – Afternoon package offers a nurturing environment for children to grow and learn. It’s a perfect fit for our family’s schedule.

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